Thanks for letting us know about these Andy. As Taylor was saying the
instabilities the other day are likely to have been the cause for
these getting through. It shouldn't happen now but anything that did
get through will still be there.


On Jun 15, 6:39 pm, Andy Matsubara <> wrote:
> Taylor,
> There's a sample of six consecutive 
> tweets.
> Andy Matsubara
> On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 4:21 AM, methnen <> wrote:
> >> Can you provide some links to the repeated tweets? While things were at
> >> their worse last night, it was very easy for duplicate updates to get
> >> processed but that shouldn't be the case now.
> > We manually deleted them and it now appears to have stopped.
> >> Are you sure that the client you were using isn't trying to re-post tweets
> >> on your behalf, thinking they haven't been posted yet?
> > At first I thought it might be on our end.  As we use the API to make
> > tweets via a custom script in our CMS.  However, the script records
> > successful posts and then stops posting and the repeating tweet was
> > recorded as a successful post and our system never sent it to Twitter
> > again.
> > Anyway it appears to have stopped so I guess all is good.  :)

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