Hi there,

I can assure you that your tweets do in fact exist and have in no way
been lost.

The 3,200 limit is what's possible to retrieve via the API and what we
keep in active, accessible memory locations at any one time. Your
tweets are not lost. Your count will return to normal. Your tweets
exist in a database, exactly as they always have.

 This limitation of the API was a part of the way applications and
services accessed Twitter prior to any of these present issues. It's a
limitation based on performance and scalability and not on thr actual
existence or non-existence of tweets.

Your tweets are safe!

On Friday, June 18, 2010, andrew brackin <tunevi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am not very happy, only 3000?? I had around 10,000 so your telling
> me i've lost 7000?
> Twitter may not be able to do stuff about this but I am loosing my
> life! I started my company, internet radio station and in a couple of
> years I want to be able to go through (using services) to see the
> tweets from when it was starting out and things like the day huge
> events happen, my tweets are my life and I am disappointed.
> If I am incorrect with the statements i've just said please go ahead
> and reply.
> Twitters a great service but I feel let down.
> Andrew Brackin
> http://twitter.com/andrewbrackin
> On Jun 18, 9:36 pm, Taylor Singletary <taylorsinglet...@twitter.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> Many of you have noticed incorrect counts of how many tweets a given user
>> has. In addition, you've noticed that statuses/user_timeline is only
>> allowing around ~800 statuses to be returned in total. These issues should
>> be resolved by the end of next week -- we'll be rebuilding the cached
>> representations of these timelines and users which will repair the issue.
>> This process takes some time and will be gradual and incremental.
>> After consulting internally to get some clarity on the counts you should be
>> expecting when using pagination, I wanted to share that while there's a
>> maximum of about 3,200 statuses that you can retrieve for a given
>> user_timeline (when under normal operating conditions), you'll find that
>> statuses/home_timeline and statuses/friends_timeline do indeed have a
>> maximum result set of around 800 tweets and have for some time. We'll be
>> making sure the documentation is correct in this area where it's incorrect
>> currently.
>> Of course, all of these theoretical maximums have some variance as caches
>> are re-aligned in the system. Sometimes you might find a little more
>> available than these maximums. Sometimes a little less. Important to note
>> that the total tweet count includes retweets, but some methods don't return
>> retweets unless you explicitly request them with include_rts=true.
>> Happy tweeting,
>> Taylor

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