I have whitelisted my account (but no ip), and am sending requests
through my desktop application by wrapping my credentials with C#

Very frequently, using the method above, I see my rates drop back to
150/hour and it drains out even I am not making any calls. Here is a
sample reponse I got by checking my rate limit:

    remaining_hits = 0,
    hourly_limit = 150,
    reset_time_in_seconds = 1277141653,
    reset_time = "Mon Jun 21 17:34:13 +0000 2010"

But strangely if I submit my rate-checking request on the SAME MACHINE
at the SAME TIME through curl, I got the correct limit, and it doesn't
automatically drain out if I don't make api request:

20000,"reset_time":"Mon Jun 21 18:33:06 +0000 2010","hourly_limit":

The pattern I am seeing is:

1a. Right after limit RESET, if I query my rate limit through my C#
HttpRequest code, I get my whitelisted rates. BUT it drains out
automatically and quickly even I am not using it at all...

1b. But if I use curl to do a query to check my rate limit, even
though the checking in #1a shows something lower than my real usage,
the result returned from curl is always correct and equal to my real

3. When that limit drains out, I started to get the 150/hour limit
response but the remaining hits is 0 by issuing C# HttpRequests.

What I suspected is it has something to do with my network setting. I
am behind my company domain and maybe different machines within my
company network have the same external IP?

Is there any way to avoid that?


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