You want to make sure you URL encode the entire status you are sending,
including the spaces. That being said the hashtag is dropped so that's a bug
at our end. Can you file it on i'll pass it onto the


On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 10:27 AM, maestrojed

> ´╗┐You can pre-populate a tweet by doing something like: <a
> href=" am asking a question on
> stackoverflow"> am asking a question
> on stackoverflow</a>
> If you want to use a hashtag you have to urlencode it <a href="http://
> am asking a question on
> %23stackoverflow"> am asking a
> question on %23stackoverflow</a>
> If the user is not already logged into twitter, once they do log in,
> they are redirected to a 404 because of these hashtags. I am sure its
> because twitter has to save/pass through this status query string
> while you log in.
> Any one have suggestions? A hashtag is important to me in this
> situation.


Matt Harris
Developer Advocate, Twitter

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