Hi everyone!

I'm working on a Twitter application that uses Twitter API through
Twitter4j and authenticates different accounts using OAuth.
We are getting an "incorrect signature" error when trying to perform
any post to twitter api (i.e. sending an update, following, etc).

I'm using Twitter4j version 2.0.10. Although we are not using the
latest version of Twitter4j, my code has been working pretty well for
months until last week when I started to get these errors.

Any help from you would be much appreciated.

P.S.: Here goes the exception im getting

 Caused by: twitter4j.TwitterException: 401:Authentication credentials
were missing or incorrect.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<error>Incorrect signature</error>

at twitter4j.http.HttpClient.httpRequest(HttpClient.java:477)
at twitter4j.http.HttpClient.post(HttpClient.java:401)
at twitter4j.Twitter.updateStatus(Twitter.java:1232)

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