Hi all,

I'm having a weird experience. I encode my twitter string to send over
to twitter. The status string contains something like "50 % off
http://bit.ly/bbjQv0"; which ends up escaped in the url I'm sending to
twitter as: "http://twitter.com/home/?status=50%20%25%20off%20http://

When somebody clicks on the Twitter button, that is submitted to
Twitter. However, it appears in the (Firefox) location bar, having
become "http://twitter.com/home/?status=50%20%%20off%20http://bit.ly/
bbjQv0" - notice the %25 has become just plain % again - and the
Twitter page fails to load.

If I paste the correctly escaped string into the browser location bar,
it goes through fine, the Twitter page loads, with "50 % off
http://bit.ly/bbjQv0"; in the status field.

Anybody experienced this, and/or have a fix?


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