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1. I m looking for Twitter Corpus for Geo-location with geo-location
I m analyzing culture of Twitter Users in my Master Thesis.
The idea is to use the terms used by in indians and amercians in

Is there any Twitter Corpus with Geo-location Information?

Mohammad Fazleh Elahi

1. Try InfoChimps - they collect lots of Twitter data and have their own API. For academic researchers, they might be willing to reduce their rates and they have a free low-end API offering as well.

2. It's not all that hard to collect more data than you can possibly use with Twitter's Streaming API. If you're looking for a broad sample of all tweets, there's the "sample" stream, which delivers 5 percent of all public tweets, selected at random. Keyword search, following specific users or delivering all the geotagged tweets within ten one-degree location bounding boxes can be done using the "filter" stream.

Where are you going to school?

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