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150 requests per hour is the limit for Basic Authentication-based
requests, with OAuth-authenticated requests allowed further requests.
Normally it's 350 (and is due to be raised to 1,500 per hour at some
stage), however given the extra load Twitter's under during the World
Cup OAuth requests are limited to 175 requests per hour (so, a 50%

If you want to get the higher request rate, you'll need to use OAuth
to authenticate users - though I'd note that you'll likely see a fair
amount of latency and timeline issues with the OAuth home_timeline
method as that's seen the brunt of the extra World Cup API load in my
experience over the last week or so.

Twitter has all the documentation you need at:


and there's likely a library to help with the OAuth stuff (definitely
for PHP, Objective-C) should you need it.



On Jun 28, 6:12 pm, pranay <godha.pra...@gmail.com> wrote:
> hello guys,
>                 I am using twitter API to get the information about
> users.However, there are some limit dor call rewuest of 150 request
> per hour.how can I increase API call rate limit?.. Thank you

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