Anyone have any ideas about this?

On Jun 26, 9:12 pm, empika <> wrote:
> Hallo
> I am having an issue with fetching and caching retweets of a user and
> was wondering if anyone has any advice of how to handle this properly.
> I am currently calling statuses/retweets_of_me with since_id as the id
> of the last cached retweet I have.
> My problem is that statuses/retweets_of_me returns results in the
> order that the original tweets were published, not in the order that
> the retweets were published.
> For example, tweet A was published yesterday and tweet B was published
> today. If i retweet B, retweets_of_me would return an array with B as
> the first element. If i then retweet A, and call statuses/
> retweets_of_me with a since_id of B's id, I get nothing back.
> If I call statuses/retweets_of_me without setting a since id it would
> return an array with B still as the first element, even though A has
> had the most recent activity.
> So, any tips on how to get the latest retweets, perhaps without having
> to call statuses/retweets_of_me without a since_id and without having
> to call statuses/retweets on each returned tweet.
> Thanks

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