This is a request to the Twitter API team but rather than sending it
in private, I'm posting it here so others can chime in too.

Tweets are 140 characters. But sometimes Twitter decides that some
content is interesting enough to annotate with graphical icons on Examples are red ribbon/aids that I think happened a
while ago, and now during World Cup, the #worldcup hashtag gets a
football icon and all the #country 3-letter abbreviations get a flag.

These things happen quickly and spontaneously enough inside Twitter
that it's not possible or necessary to coordinate with dev community
beforehand. I appreciate that, and that's perfectly fine. But perhaps
you can send developers this data as metadata, so should the apps "opt
in" to displaying these, they could do that too? You already have two
mechanisms in place for this that you could utilize — the "entities"
where you transmit the URLs and hashtags, and of course "annotations".
Could we have these icons transmitted as part of either of these
mechanisms? And maybe you can standardize the height or size so we
could consider it in our UI layouts?


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