hi guys,

I am promoting a site (www.cashpax.com). Today, I have placed an icon
which the user needs to click to be taken to the twitter page of
cashpax.com. Once there, he can click the link to follow us.

I want to reduce this process to a single click...something similar to
the "like" feature on facebook. So, the expected behaviour would be as

1. Check if twitter session is live for a browser
2. If yes, check he is already a follower. If yes, show a link to
unfollow. Else, show a link to follow.
3. If the user is not logged in, show him the follow link. On clicking
the link, he should be prompted to login on a popup window/lightbox.
Post login, he should be automatically be following cashpax.com.

Would like to know if there is any widget which already does this.
Else, I plan to develop the same.

Does anyone know how to check if the user is logged in? If he is
already following?

Thanks in advance!

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