On Jul 5, 5:48 pm, Jef Poskanzer <j...@mail.acme.com> wrote:
> Part 0: Deciding to do it.  My apps are command-line based and call
> Twitter using my equivalents of curl, called http_get and http_post.
> These are simple command-line programs that make an HTTP call.  What
> I needed was a simple command-line program to make an OAuth-signed HTTP
> call.  Did that already exist?  Sort of - there was Marcel Molina's
> twurl:http://github.com/marcel/twurl Only problem is that it's written
> in Ruby, which I do not have installed and am not really intrerested in
> installing.  For those of us who want to stick with plain old C or
> possibly C++, the only available OAuth code is 
> liboauth:http://liboauth.sourceforge.net/ This includes code to link with
> libcurl and make signed HTTP calls.  It's pretty huge - 1.6 megabytes
> of source.  I tried it anyway.  Unfortunately I couldn't get to work
> on my system.  So I was kind of stuck, and decided to roll my own.

Another option is librest -- http://meego.gitorious.org/meego-middleware/librest

It uses GObject and libsoup which is either a big plus or a huge
negative, depending on your point of view.


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