There *is* currently a backlog with xAuth approvals, but we are
working through them as quickly as we can. I know this access is
crucial to development, but our response time may be as long as a week
for the next couple days. Bear with us. :)
If the email address you initially filed your request from is
different from the email address associated with your Twitter account,
your ticket may not show up in the help
center. Reply to me directly and I can look for it.

Brian Sutorius

On Jul 8, 8:50 am, DW <> wrote:
> Hi folks, just wondering if there's a big backlog of xAuth approvals
> right now or how long the approval process is taking ?
> I submitted an app for approval early last week and haven't heard
> anything back other than the initial automated message.
> Noticing today that there appears to be two different support forums
> ( and, I resubmitted the request
> to support. thinking that maybe help. was obsolete, but the new ticket
> is linking to a page with a "Request not found" error.
> Bottom line is I'm well behind now on testing my app and the client is
> wondering what the story is, but I can't even give them a date since
> I've heard nothing from Twitter.
> Any help or pointers would be great !
> -DW.
> P.S. This forum seems to require a Gmail address, but our Twitter
> account is @Axonista

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