Twitter had some issues with incorrect rate limits over the past few
days [1].

I believe they've resolved those issues now, so if you're still having
the issue you've described, visit the connections page [2] to see if
any app using OAuth may be accessing your account. If not, change your
password [3], which would prevent any Basic Auth apps (that you've
previously given your credentials to) from accessing your account and
using up some of your requests.


On Jul 7, 11:59 am, founder <> wrote:
> Just started to integrate twitter into my own CMS written in Perl.
> I use a very old Perl version, because only this old version is
> compatible to use MSIE as GUI.
> To use the API, Perl engages a download program by a batch file.
> Just right now, I only test with 
> the
> No other call is used. But from start to start, there are less hits
> remaining in the rate limit,
> Up to 10 less when I wait some minutes.
> I have no idea what consumes my rate limit
> I already closed Twitter in all browsers, but still the same effect.
> Any idea what could use up my rate limit?

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