Yeah, this is a known error in the documentation on The
correct format for the command is:


Give those a try and you should find they work correctly.
We have updates to the docs queued up for release this week.


On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 3:07 PM, Skipper <> wrote:

> Favorite Create
> do a POST with this url
>  /1/favorites/17983195453/create.xml
> and you get
> " /1/favorites/17983195453/create.xml  Not found "
> I checked, the ID is correct. Moreover this can be easily repro in
> Twurl to the same result
> Destroy
> performing a POST with id as parameter returns
> " /1/favorites/destroy.xml  This method requires a GET. "
> Which is garbage since GET is obviously neither the right mode nor in
> the documentation. Even if one was to use GET and pretend is the right
> mode, it still does now work (it does not remove the relationship) and
> it returns a null array.
> Please fix :-)
> Thanks!


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