Hi there,

We have been building this application since 6 months now. It is anti-
spam app which works with very different algorithms and has been very
useful for twitter user (we have tested it with 150 calls). But the
problem is our apps dig out lot of follower data to let the user know
whether his followers are spam or not (it doesn't allow users to
unfollow anyone). We all know, Twitter api consumes 1 call for
retrieving 100 followers of a particular twitter user. Now 20,000
calls are ok with normal users but some celebrities like Aston
Kutcher, Britney Spears and EV have more than 2 million followers
which means we cannot track. If they were few it would be ok but day
by day as Twitter is growing at amazing rate many users are passing
the 2 million milestone. So our app becomes useless for these users
and which makes it imperfect. This is totally anti-spam app and I am
sure folks at Twitter will love it once it does its work to chop off
spam users. I know there have been many such apps but this is
something everyone would love. We are done coding our app just wanted
to know how can we track users more than 2 million followers? Would
whitelisting more than 1 ip and switching them be the right thing to
do? Can Twitter allow more than 20,000 calls for 1 ip on special

Hoping to get answers,
Thank you!

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