> let's say someone finds 'mysuperpage' of my website interesting.
> How can I make that someone-guy tweeting the predefined string
> 'superpage found on http://abc.xyz/superpage blablabla' direct from my
> website by clicking on a tweet-button?

There is no one-click way to do this (if you think about it, if there were
then the clickjackers would have a field day). You *can* pass a predefined
status string to Twitter and then the user can examine it and click Submit;
there are various examples of this you can find in the group archives. But
you can't simply build a tweet-button that way.

> How can I integrate a shortener service?

Probably the easiest way is to preshorten the URL before you hand it off
in your status string. That will depend on your shortener's API.

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