those are probably accounts which twitter filtered out. The docs are pretty 
clear on this and give practical advice:


> Both the Streaming API and the Search API filter statuses created by a small 
> proportion of accounts based upon status quality metrics. For example, 
> frequent and repetitious status updates may, in some instances, and in 
> combination with other metrics, result in a different status quality score 
> for a given account. Results that are not selected by user id, for example: 
> samples and keyword track, are filtered by this status quality metric. 
> Results that are selected by user id, currently only results from the follow 
> predicate, are unfiltered and allow all matching statuses to pass. If an 
> expected user's statuses are not present in a non-follow-predicate stream 
> type, manually cross-check the user against Search results. If the user's 
> statuses are also not returned in Search, you can assume that the user's 
> statuses will not be returned by non-follow-predicated streams.
> For more details see: http://help.twitter.com/forums/10713/entries/42646 
> which states, in part:
> In order to keep your search results relevant, Twitter filters search results 
> for quality. Our search results will not include suspended accounts, or 
> accounts that may jeopardize search quality. Material that degrades search 
> relevancy or creates a bad search experience for people using Twitter may be 
> permanently removed.

On Jul 13, 2010, at 23:30 , codeless wrote:

> Hey there, I'm working with Juitter (http://juitter.com) on a project
> and have noticed that some users tweets won't appear on the live
> stream. And not just accounts that are set to private, but regular
> twitter accounts. I have done some research and have found some saying
> that not all Twitter accounts are indexed by the Twitter search
> engine. Is there anything I can change in Juitter to fix it so it'll
> work with all non-private accounts? Or a way to force Twitter into
> indexing a certain account? Any and all information is welcomed. Thank
> you for your help.

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