at least you know that the library of congress has a backup :)


On Jul 18, 2010, at 7:07 , Tom Roggero wrote:

> I've tried your script on Mac, it only works for first 3 pages that's
> weird (i'm running darwin ports for xml functions)...
> Anyway, tried manually do it through firefox, latest page is 16.
> That's the limit. But if you have the ID of the previous tweets you
> could use statuses/SHOW for that ID... the problem is:
> IF you are backing up your account because you have all your tweet
> IDs, you will need 1 request per tweet, and maximum is 350 (with HUGE
> luck) per hour.... In my case, I got 10k, 3k via REST and 7k left to
> Come on twitter, help us, developers, start thingking on backups, we
> know you are gonna explode!.

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