Thank you Taylor. Yes I changed my password as soon as this thing came
on my page.
Thank you again for your help :)

On Jul 14, 9:45 pm, Taylor Singletary <>
> Hi Shabaz,
> At some point you may have inadvertently (or intentionally) given your login
> and password to a third party application using what we call "basic
> authentication." You should be able to stop their ability to tweet on your
> behalf by changing your password. This method of authenticating will be
> going away very soon, but until then changing your password is the best
> defense.
> Taylor
> On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 12:10 PM, Shabaz <> wrote:
> > I think there is some problem.
> > I have an account FriendCaller on twitter (,
> > and some tweets were being sent through API (clicking the API brings
> > me here.
> > These tweets are related to some shopping stuff.
> > Tweets go like this:
> > "I put in my email and got a free $1000 best buy gift card!"
> > When I search on google for this exact string with quotes, I saw
> > shows the same tweet tweeted by
> > many users, some profiles even with a very few followers, so I think
> > its not the job of the 'free following' websites.
> > There seem to be some very severe problem, for which I need a solution
> > asap, because I cannot delete the tweets. It comes again and again
> > itself.
> > Help please!

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