Hello Rostand,

I did my master's thesis using twitter data. My recommendation:

- You can not will not and should not get DMs. They are *private*. Even if you 
do a closed study with 300 consenting people, it's unethical. If you're in the 
US, the ethics committee of your university will have you for lunch.

- Using the stream is easier because the API requires OAUTH, but you will need 
to apply and wait. However, the API will give you historical data.

- Coding your software will take more time than you think!


Use an external service instead! There are several people who can collect 
tweets for you. Have a look at:


Good luck!


On 20.Jul2010, at 21:49, Rostand wrote:

> Hi All,
> I need for master research project  the public timeline of approx 300
> users.
> That is, all the outgoing messages (updates, retweets.., DM) + all
> incoming messages (replies, @user...).
> I first thought that the option 'follow' from the Streaming API
> following will do.
> http://stream.twitter.com/1/statuses/filter.json?follow=3004231
> But I just discovered that I get only the incoming tweets and not the
> outgoing ones.
> Is this correct? Any workaround this ? Suggestion
> It is king of urgent. Any quick reaction will be appreciated
> Greetings
> Rostand

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