A quick update on this renewal process..

As the site only fully recovered this morning from the issues of
yesterday we postponed rolling out the new SSL certificates.
We now plan to make the SSL change at 5PM PDT (1AM GMT).


On Jul 19, 5:56 pm, themattharris <thematthar...@twitter.com> wrote:
> Hey developers,
> Many of you have noticed our SSL certificate for api.twitter.com will
> expire on 26th July 2010, with mobile.twitter.com and
> search.twitter.com soon after. We wanted to give you a heads up that
> tomorrow at 2PM PDT (10PM GMT) we plan to upgrade the SSL certificate
> on our servers. As our servers are load balanced we expect this to be
> unnoticeable to you and your users but, as we will need to restart the
> servers there is a chance a user may get a failed request.
> The certificate will be from the same vendor as before and be a
> wildcard certificate for *.twitter.com. The certificate will be valid
> for 2 years but could be changed or upgraded as the need requires.
> We'll let you know beforehand if we will be doing that.
> Best,
> Matt

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