given this explanation, you will need a lot of streams.

60k users with an average of 100 friends (low estimate)
Let's guess that every user shares 50% of the friends with others

This gives us: 60.000 * 100 *.5 = 3 million

In order to track 3 million users with the follow stream, you need:

the biggest role for this ("birddog") allows following 400.000 users


You will need at least eight highest-level tracking privileges.


On 21.Jul2010, at 11:51, PBro wrote:

> The situation is:
> We have 60k users all with their own twitter account, so not a single
> account with 60k followers.
> Those 60k users all have people they follow and we want to give the
> user a message when someone they are following posted a tweet.
> Hope this clarify things a bit.
> I will have a look into the streaming api.
> Patrick

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