Yup, I encountered this as well while trying to figure out count
differences in what twitter reports on the number of followers and
what the api gives.  Seems to be off by one number.  So flipping
between pages on twitter itself (followers list) I did get those blank
results.  I found I had blocked a user a while back with twitter, and
this person was still being listed with results in the api but not on
twitter itself.  Might have thrown off the count that way.  Took care
of the so called blocked user, but unblocking and reblocking it.
count was still off.  But the follower was no longer in my api
results. Which is a good thing.  Still not sure why counts differ.

anyways, sorry for bringing up this count difference.  I just wanted
to say that I've came across the "blank" pages issue while flipping
back thru the followers list like Mark had mentioned.

On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 11:17 AM, Mark Krieger <markskrie...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi. I am having the same problem as several others reported, where the
> result of a statuses/friends sends back a previous cursor which is not
> correct. The thread on this, from april or may, died with no
> resolution. I notice that twitter itself has this same problem,
> although twitter seems to use page=nnn instead of cursor=nnn, if you
> try to go back to previous, it will list no users.
> Is a fix planned for this?
> thanks,
> Mark

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