If you need larger bounding boxes, you can request a higher access
level. You can also assemble a number of smaller bounding boxes into a
larger box to cover more area. So, you can divvy up your allocation
into a contiguous area, or multiple discontinuous regions.

If there's a bug on creating a legally-sized bounding box that
straddle one or both of the prime meridian or the equator, we'll
certainly fix that.

Given the proportion of geo-tagged tweets, perhaps we should indeed
make these boxes bigger for the default access role.


On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 8:08 AM, Dave Ingram <d...@dmi.me.uk> wrote:
> On 07/21/10 15:13, James wrote:
>> I'm attempting to stream Tweets from the UK as a whole(filtering
>> further with tracking words), using Twitters stream API, however I'm
>> having trouble with my bounding box.
>> The LAT/LON pairs I'm using to define a bounding box of the whoe
>> UK(Ire included) is as follows.
>> -9.05, 48.77, 2.19, 58.88
>> However when I try to use this with the Twitter stream API, it states
>> the following error message.
>> Location track must be less than 1 degrees on a side:
>> LocationTrack(48.77,-9.05,58.88,2.19)
>> I can't imagine that Twitter do not allow you a specify a bounding box
>> that covers an area that crosses between the negative/positive LAT. Am
>> I missing something here, or would this mean that Twitter only allow
>> you to stream if you are in the Wester hemishphere, effectively?
>> If anyone has a suggest as to how I might be able to over-come this,
>> I'd be very interested in hearing you out.
> Just a thought, but the error says that the bounding box must be at most
> one degree on each side... and that box is about 11x10. It does seem
> like a bit of a restriction, but still...
> D

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