Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your reply.
What you mean with cursors?

I have a way to solve this problem:

1- get the home_timeline
2- count the number of tweets got from (1) and if length < 20 I do
another home_timeline call with page=2

I think this might work. The problem is, I need to do 2 call to
Twitter and I don't think that's a good way...

That's the type of solution your mean? You have better solution?

Thanks a lot,


On Jul 23, 11:13 am, Pascal Jürgens
<lists.pascal.juerg...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi Luis,
> I might be wrong there, but I think this is the way it works because of 
> twitter's caching and distribution architecture. You can never assume to get 
> the full amount of tweets or users - some might be filtered, deleted or 
> whatnot. If you need more, just get the next page/set using cursors.
> Pascal
> On 23.Jul2010, at 10:18, luisg wrote:
> > Hi there...
> > I'm experience something strange, I think...
> > If I do a tweet destroy through my application and after that I get
> > the home_timeline with the property count=20, I'm not getting the 20
> > tweets that I should get. I'm getting just 19.
> > If I do another tweet destroy and execute home_timeline again, I will
> > get only 18... and so on...
> > Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to force to get the 20
> > tweets?
> > Thanks,
> > Luis

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