Yeah, I have a correction to the database too - Twicket filed. ;-) And a word of warning - if you're at place A, don't enter place B in Twitter's database. If you do, place B's address in the Twitter database will get tagged with place A's latitude and longitude. But place B does have great burgers and pizza ;-)

Just out of curiosity, where's the "fine print" (licensing, terms of use, etc.) associated with Twitter's location database? Google's got some fairly strict conditions associated with theirs, as does Yahoo! and I'm sure Foursquare as well. Google also has a number of features designed to help local merchants make sure their listings are accurate and useful to searchers. What's Twitter's "road map" in this "area"? ;-)

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Quoting Taylor Singletary <>:

Hi Rajesh,

We don't have a formal process yet for removing erroneous places from
our database. Your best bet at the moment is to file a Support ticket,
offering as much information as you can about the incorrect place (if
you know the place_id, specific string for the name, lat/long, etc.)


On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 2:56 PM, Rajesh Dhawan <> wrote:

What's the best way to have a badly coded Twitter place removed? Do I
open a support ticket for this or send an email somewhere?

A library in my village got placed in the wrong city. I've created the
right place for the library but don't know how to get the incorrect
one removed.


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