I think this solution works for my open-source C++ app. Here is my
initial thought/plan for it, let me know if I'm way off base.

1. My app complies down to native code, which is hackable but
obfuscated enough assuming I don't add my consumer secret as a string
resource into the binary :/
2. Source code online will build but will not have any of my personal
key information.
3. However, I would like to build all of my consumer info including
secrets into compiled versions of the app that users can download and
run without hassle.
4. I have no problem with supplying other developers a URL and
describing to them how to copy and paste their new information into
the public code before building /their/ version of the app.

Does this work? I understand that my situation is not the same as a
script-based app. I cannot think of the correct way to handle that

If my personal app key (or app itself) is abused & banned, can I get a
new set of keys for my parent application and release a new version of
my pre-compiled app to the public?


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