I'm creating an application that relies on public / timeline: this
application must   must be select  the posts that   have a value
preceded by "$" character, eg "Today I buy $AAPL to the stockexchange
i like apple industries", and then i store them in a database. My
question is this: is it true that you can not because "the problem
here is mostly due to volume. A cron-driven php script will not be
able to filter the whole stream, since there is a limit on number of
returned results, and people post quicker than we can receive?. For
instance, if you search something rather generic twitter, there will
be thousands of new results after a few minutes; we can only fetch 20
posts through public timeline"

At this URL "http://stocktwits.com/streams/all"; there is an
application that responds to my own needs, and reformulating the
question:  with the current Twitter API is it  possible to create an
application that aggregates all the Twitter messages that contain a
symbol preceded by the character "$" ?
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