What I have found is that 99% of the topics on here relate to Oauth...
if you have a question about a different aspect of the api it is less
likely that you will get a reply.

The wiki documentation is fairly good and code examples are given, but
if you are trying to do something that is not covered in the wiki
there is often limited info available. Similarly if you want to see
what api features are planned for the future, and when, it is
difficult to find reliable info.

I haven't tried contacting twitter tech support, so can't comment on

On the whole the api is great!!! and the wiki gave me enough info to
easily create most features of my app. As Chi-Shun Chen said, it is
partly down to your skills as a developer to find solutions to
problems and get your app working - on the other hand, better
documentation and tutorials and more variety of api features will
always make it easier for us...

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