Hi Developers,

User Streams is now in a limited testing period for desktop clients. We are
working closely with developers to preview their implementations to a
restricted set of testers. We are gathering feedback and usage statistics to
prepare for an open beta period, tentatively scheduled for late Q3 or Q4 of

The Twitter Streaming API allows a desktop client to efficiently and
instantly receive nearly all updates required to keep a display up-to-date.
The transition to User Streams should return considerable capacity to the
REST and Search APIs, increasing stability for Twitter users & developers
alike. Additionally, several interesting new event types are available:
Favoriting, retweeting, following, and list additions are also streamed
along with direct messages, mentions, the user timeline and the home

All desktop client developers are encouraged to consider the Streaming API
for their application and should contact us immediately at a...@twitter.com.
Other developers may continue to experiment with User Streams, but may not
openly release products against this API without prior coordination. Note
that all aspects of this API are still subject to refinement, including data
types delivered, delivery rates, access policies, and endpoints.

The current phase of the limited testing period includes the TweetDeck and
Echofon desktop applications. During this initial period, beta/preview
versions will not be made available to all users of these apps. More desktop
applications will follow with their own testing period shortly.

Application developers needing to consume multiple, simultaneous user
streams will be served by an upcoming Streaming API product called Site
Streams. Stay tuned for more information on that when we're ready.

Learn more about working with User Streams at http://bit.ly/user_streams

Taylor Singletary
Developer Advocate, Twitter

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