Is this scheme available for all open source applications to test, or is TTYtter the only one using it at the moment?
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I have the same question. I need to add Twitter OAuth to my widely
distributed PHP based open-source CMS add-on. All the documentation
says never ever distribute your consumer secret, which I understand
why this would be a bad idea. Yet all of the documentation/examples I
have found require that the consumer secret be hard-coded into the

The closes thing I have found, that doesn't require the consumer
secret embedded in the source, is a description of how it might work,
But, I cannot find any docs/examples where this scenario has actually
been implemented.

It does exist. While I can't speak for Twitter and whatever internal issues
are slowing up its rollout, TTYtter has been a test bed for the key exchange
for some time now. Most of the users have found the process painless. You can
see how a sample workflow works in the documentation, or try it yourself. The
app itself is open Perl.

I'm sure Taylor will comment on what will be happening to roll it out to more
potential consumers.

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