I'm trying to migrate my code across to using oAuth, and there is no class for 
oAuth in the language I use, so I'm having to drop in at the deep end.

At the moment, I am a bit stuck, I keep getting a 401 when I request a token.

I have created this as my signature base string:


Created a signed hash of this, using my Consumer Secret

Base-64 encoded the hash since it was non-unicode

URL Encoded the Base-64 string

which then gives me:

oAuth oauth_nonce="QP70eNmVz8jvdPevU3oJD2AfF7R7odC2XJcn4XlZJqk", 
oauth_callback="oob", oauth_signature_method="HMAC-SHA1", 
oauth_timestamp="1280511571", oauth_consumer_key="AXpCOWR4c2IZVlSGNXvdZg", 
oauth_signature="4zCns2DZTQzmo2HpYY99dhJVl5A%3D", oauth_version="1.0" 

But when I make the POST request with the above set, I still get a 401 

Could someone steer me in the right direction please?

Thanks :)


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