Hi Developers,

We're rolling out new features to the site today called "Suggestions for
You," These features help users discover relevant Twitter users to follow,
based on social graph analytics and algorithms designed by our user
relevance team. You can read more about this feature announcement in our
blog post at http://blog.twitter.com/2010/07/discovering-who-to-follow.html.

Twitter's vision for how and where these relevant recommendations will
surface can be found on our website. With the API, developers can build
similar features in their applications or, as we expect many of you will
want to do, invent new utilizations for the data. Methods will be available
for obtaining suggestions for the current user as well as getting the users
recommended as similar to another user. Look for developer documentation on
these new platform resources soon.

Finding relevant accounts to follow on Twitter is about to get easier. What
will you build?

Taylor Singletary
Developer Advocate

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