I've been searching for the below functionality in Twitter's search

>> Search for [hashtag] but exclude people following [username] from the 
>> results <<

Currently it doesn't seem possible from what I can tell, but I would
be very grateful if you do know of a way to achieve this and can share
it with me here.

If it can't be done currently, I would like to put it forward as a
suggestion to the Twitter development team.
I feel it would be a powerful tool for avoiding hastag wars.

Example (made up):

@TwitterHotCakes and @TodaysHandyCalculation have together resolved to
use different hastags, and they attempt to educate their followers
about the appropriate hashtag to use (#TwitHotC or #HandyCalc).

However, human behavior being what it is, a proportion of each group's
followers persist in using #THC in their tweets without thinking.

This suggestion enables the smart searcher, using the advanced search
options, to search for #TSW (desiring tweets about #TwitterHotCakes),
but specify that they don't want to see tweets from people who follow
@TodaysHandyCalculation. Thereby reducing the chance they will be
exposed to off topic tweets.

There may of course be some small crossover, with people who follow
both tweeters being excluded from the results. I feel that this is the
lesser of two evils however, because it punishes the person using the
wrong hashtag, rather than the searcher who would otherwise have to
wade through twice as many tweets for content.


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