Thanks Tom !

So that is what I thought - but I still can't upload the photo's.
I've been trying mainly with twitPic and getting 401.
I have been reading posts and discussion and I think I have it all
My thought is that maybe it's a matter of encoding the header.
Should I encode the whole header ? Just the values of the twitPic
header ? Or maybe just the values for the verify credentials header ?

Help would be much obliged :-)

On Jul 31, 3:37 am, Tom <> wrote:
> Basically what you do in an echo is make an oAuth request to the
> verify_credentials.json page, but you don't do the actual request -
> instead, you take the Authorization: header and send it to Twitpic.
> So, no, you don't add anything else than you would have for a normal
> call to verify_credentials.
> Tom
> On Jul 29, 3:21 pm, Bondi <> wrote:
> > Hi.
> > I also keep getting 401 from Twitpic.
> > Just to make sure - do we need to add the realm to the signature
> > calculation ? Or only to the header ?
> > Thanks for the help,
> > Roi.

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