I've since found the bug submission page, but I'll just follow up here
and then post a bug.

I implemented the saved search api methods - so now it's a developer
question suitable for this list!

I was able to create saved searches for text queries and for places
(e.g. place:55da0f3350b51881)

I was able to add more than 10 saved searches to an account through
the API - using Twitter.com, there's a limit of 10.

For saved_searches/destroy.xml, according to the documentation,
supported request methods are POST and DELETE, but I got the following

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <error>This method requires a GET.</error>

So that's bizarre. Result of using destroy.xml with GET for any saved
search id was always <error>Not found</error>.

Finally, I created a saved search for a query that returns no results:
"djsalkofsj". On Twitter.com the result is "No real-time results for
djsalkofsj" and there is no "Remove this saved search" link. You can't
actually save such a search via Twitter.com, but if a user creates an
erroneous saved search through an app, or one that dies after a while,
there is no way to delete it through Twitter.com.

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