Thanks Cameron. I thought as much.

I hope the team take it on as a suggestion. Although I imagine this is
quite a demanding task. 1 million plus followers for some accounts
would be a big filter!

On Aug 2, 2:38 am, Cameron Kaiser <> wrote:
> > I've been searching for the below functionality in Twitter's search
> > API:
> > >> Search for [hashtag] but exclude people following [username] from the
> > results <<
> > Currently it doesn't seem possible from what I can tell, but I would
> > be very grateful if you do know of a way to achieve this and can share
> > it with me here.
> No, there is no way to do this specific action from the API. You would have
> to ask for the results, either from the Search API or the Streaming API, and
> then do your own filtering based on the follower list you would have already
> constructed.
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