Hi there,

My name is Dominiek ter Heide and I have a little gimmicky project
called Blinkly, slick profile image overlays: http://blink.ly/

Ever since about a month ago I've been experiencing some problems with
image uploading through the REST API. I managed to fix this (meaning
less failures) by using the V1 API, other developers with this problem
should look into this!

However, every time I upload an image through the API or through the
website even, it scales it down in a strange way. When the aspect
ratio wasn't squared, it used to crop it in a smart way. Right now
however, black borders are added to all uploaded images. E.g.

Are the Twitter devs changing this back to the smart cropping like it
used to? If so, I will not bother in adjusting my backend and cope
with the glitch for now.



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