Yes it is

Depending on which 3rd party library.

Be ware of the publishing date of those info b/c there has been a lot
of changes.

I can confirmed that I am able to
1) Oauth in web app PHP
2) Oauth in Samsung bada C++
3) Oauth in Android SDK 2.1 Java

I am confirming that it can be done b/c I get these OAuth working this
month using the latest version of Oauth libraries. Unfortunately I
wasn't able to show them in the last Twitter hackathon b/c I haven't
started working on them at the time.

On Aug 2, 7:12 am, Konpaku Kogasa <> wrote:
> > could somebody please help me
> > I need a simple Twitter OAuth example that fully running along with
> > the source code
> 1. What particular language are you using?
> 2. To better tailor your response, what part of the OAuth process is
> difficult to understand?
> - Konpaku

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