yes I need Twitter OAuth using PHP
could you please provide me the simplest application for it along with
the source code?
and please explain the requirements so it can run smooth in my pc
along with the explanation with each function and classes

thanks in advance

On Aug 3, 9:17 am, Bess <bess...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Yes it is
> Depending on which 3rd party library.
> Be ware of the publishing date of those info b/c there has been a lot
> of changes.
> I can confirmed that I am able to
> 1) Oauth in web app PHP
> 2) Oauth in Samsung bada C++
> 3) Oauth in Android SDK 2.1 Java
> I am confirming that it can be done b/c I get these OAuth working this
> month using the latest version of Oauth libraries. Unfortunately I
> wasn't able to show them in the last Twitter hackathon b/c I haven't
> started working on them at the time.
> On Aug 2, 7:12 am, Konpaku Kogasa <kogasa.l...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > could somebody please help me
> > > I need a simple Twitter OAuth example that fully running along with
> > > the source code
> > 1. What particular language are you using?
> > 2. To better tailor your response, what part of the OAuth process is
> > difficult to understand?
> > - Konpaku

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