No, you will most likely need to change your application.

I have no idea what kind of application you are using. If you want to
send 1000 Direct Messages per hour, then you may want to reconsider
your application - Twitter will not allow sending this many Direct

The link you provided is about how to limit the amount of calls. In
most cases, applications will work fine by using the Stream API and a
limited number of REST requests. But this depends on your application.


On Aug 5, 1:47 am, Jeansu Park <> wrote:
> Hello guys,
> My company just got rejected from being API whitelist, and I don't
> exactly know why.
> The rejection email said I can refer 
> to
> about the rejection.
> My guess is that my subordinate put small amount of call number in the
> application.
> He has put Direct Message Methods->1,000 call per hour and List
> Members Methods-> 300 call per hour. But our call would be a lot more
> than this considering UV and PV.
> So, 1. Is the small call number a problem?
> 2. I just need to re submit the application with higher number?
> Thank you in advance.

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