Hi there,

I was under the impression, maybe falsely, that I could make a Twitter
Search request to api.twitter.com/1/search as well as
search.twitter.com, and I've been using the api.twitter.com for a
while now, mainly because I wanted to specify the version to prevent
version changes from breaking my code (which it has in the past).
However I'm now getting the different results from the two endpoints:

>From this endpoint:

I get as a result:

Where as from:

I get a correct response.

Which should I use? And how can I protect myself from major code
changes? Also, I can switch back to search.twitter.com, but I have an
App live in the App Store that was working great and now suddenly
isn't working because of this, and an update will be subject to a week
long delay by Apple. Please, please, please could you make
api.twitter.com/search match search.twitter.com at least for the next

Many thanks,

Keith (@keefmoon)

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