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On Aug 6, 11:06 am, Rushikesh Bhanage <> wrote:
> Hi guys,
>    with a hope to get some sort of help here,  I wanted to ask you guys,  I
> am getting error while loading xml formatted data into       object
>     like:
> *   "Warning*: simplexml_load_string()
> [function.simplexml-load-string<>]:
> Entity: line 50: parser error : Entity 'rsaquo' not defined in        *
> /home/ajit/public_html/*on
> line
> *486"
Simplexml can't handle all (any?) entities. You can try using the full
PHP XML parser ( or write your own.

> *   Line 486 on mytwitter1.php is :       $data =
> simplexml_load_string($xml);
> *
>    *Due to this error I am not getting whole data of a user.
> *   *Is it twitter overcapacity error? because this error comes usually when
> even my twitter homepage comes in a damaged         state.
It is possible - make sure to write a few lines of code to make sure
you have some error handling.

>    if this is not from twitter-side , what can be the problem(means like
> internet speed or anything)?
PHP can be the problem.

> *
>    *I am using rest API method and My Twitter Class PHP by Andres "Artux"
> Scheffer, Mozilla browser (v3.6.8).
>    I will really appreciate your help guys.
>    Thank you in advance.
You're welcome.

One more note before ending this message: You should consider using
JSON instead of XML. It's easier to parse and requires less bandwidth.


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