I tried to 'favorite' an update by twitterapi over the weekend in
twitter, nothing happened, so I tried to read that update in my own
application -- and I then tried to read a few other updates from
twitterapi. I get back a statuses list in home timeline, then I try to
read more information about the updates in question, and I always get
an error. I think twitter must also get an error, since those updates
seem to be unavailable there too. Here is what I see in my debug
output for one of these updates, any ideas?

{"request":"/1/statuses/show/20499308096.json","error":"No status
found with that ID."}

I get the ID from the updates listed in a getstatusesHometimeline. I
would suspect my application, but it does this for everything else
fine, and only a subset of updates/statuses from twitterapi seem to be
failing, and twitter itself is failing to allow a favorite (for
instance) on these. Are these just 'lost' statuses/updates which I
should not worry about?



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