Hi Developers,

We're happy to announce that Seesmic's preview release featuring the Twitter
User Streams API is now available for testing. While Seesmic Desktop will
eventually introduce User Streams to all supported platforms, this testing
period is for users of Microsoft Windows only and you can find out all about
it on Seesmic's blog post here:

Seesmic Desktop 2 Beta streams your timeline, mentions, and direct messages
in real-time while introducing a new column to capture social events as they
happen, like the favoriting or retweeting of your tweets.

Learn more about developing with User Streams at
http://bit.ly/user_streamsand download the new Seesmic Desktop 2 beta
with User Streams at
http://d.seesmic.com/sdp/install.html?config=main .

Keep on streaming,

Taylor Singletary
Developer Advocate, Twitter Platform

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