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>  why not simply build as much of the functionality into
> the server as possible and make a browser-based app right from the start?

'Cause that's not what I want. If I wanted a browser based app, I'd
write on from start and not start it as a desktop app that can run on
4 different operating systems including one mobile[1]. If I wanted a
web app, I'd have to chose a hosting/provider to hold all users
accounts deal with all the logistics of giving users all the data they
want. Instead, I decided to write a desktop app, where the users have
their data whenever they want.

But you guys are taking this out of context: OSS apps _need_ a way to
expose their keys (as they are part of the application itself) without
having to worry about someone getting those keys and ruining the app
image by posting trash or using those same keys to get the same rights
a user gave to the app.

[1] And no, I didn't had to add any hacks or a stupid sequence of
#defines. I get all that for free.
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