Yes, by using the xAuth support you named :-)


On 8/10/10 6:07 AM, niks wrote:
> Hi,
> We are developing an Android native application which has a feature
> for user to tweet his message on Twitter.
> For accessing Twitter we are using twitter4j library which has xAuth
> support.
> We have registered our application on Twitter with application type as
> "Client".
> As per standard OAuth procedure we are redirecting user on
> for authorizing our application to
> access his/her Twitter account. It shows authorization screen where
> user needs to enter his/her credentials and can allow or deny access
> permission.
> But our requirement is to first asks user to login to Twitter and once
> user logged in directly take user to tweet post screen. Can we
> suppress user permission screen that asks to allow or deny accessing
> user's Twitter account?".

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