Yes. But, you don't need a separate Twitter account. Just create an
OAuth app in one of your existing twitter accounts, note down the
OAuth tokens, get your own account's access tokens from "My Access
Token" link. You can use these tokens to enjoy the 350 per hour limit.

On Aug 10, 7:39 am, "" <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Let's say I'm writing a read only app - you come to my website enter
> someones twitter name, and I give you some statistics about them.  I
> can get all the stats I need by making anon calls to the REST api from
> my webserver.
> The API docs say "Anonymous calls are based on the IP of the host and
> are permitted 150 requests per hour", where as "OAuth calls are
> permitted 350 requests per hour".
> If my app gets popular enough I'd like to make as many calls as I
> can.  What is the protocol here?  Should I create a twitter account
> just for my app, take this account through the OAuth process, and use
> this account's "access token" for all my requests?
> Thanks,
> Russ

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