On Aug 13, 8:58 am, Tom van der Woerdt <i...@tvdw.eu> wrote:
> On 8/13/10 12:15 PM, Krot Vyacheslav wrote:
> > Hello, all!
> > I am a newbie to twitter api, so i have a simple question. I'm making
> > single sign on with twitter on my site. Everything works fine, but one
> > thing reallly annoyes me! If the client is signed in twitter and has
> > already granted access to my application twitter asks him again after
> > redirect during request authorization phase. Can I eliminate it
> > somehow? Can twitter just immediately redirect user back with
> > auth_token and verifier without asking questions?
> > Perhapse I'm doing something completely wrong?
> No, you can't.

What? Sure you can.

Instead of using the oauth/authorize call, use oauth/authenticate.

Caveat: Your Twitter application must have authentication enabled. You
can flip this switch yourself in the app settings page.

Details on authentication: http://dev.twitter.com/pages/sign_in_with_twitter


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